2020 has been a year of change for many and it has certainly made those of us running their own small business have to think on their feet with every changing scenarios. Six years ago we opened Carlingford Design House which is home to my jewellery studio and also showcases a curated collection of some of the best of Irish contemporary craft. We have been delighted with your response and appreciation of the craftsmanship from myself and my friends and colleagues in the craft industry.

2020 has led to a few changes and for those of you in Carlingford you will definitely have spotted our lockdown makeover! Maintaining our core ethos of supporting authentic craftsmanship and continuing to work exclusively with designer makers who create their work on the island of Ireland, we have changed our name to Garrett Mallon Design House and our new website address is www.garrettmallon.com. We look forward to welcoming you in person or virtually!