COVID 19 Arrangements

COVID 19 precautionsMax. number of customers in store at any one time is 8

A visit to our gallery has always been an experience where our customers enjoy learning about the various designer makers and their work. Working within the new guidelines we still want to offer the same friendly service and make your visit enjoyable while ensuring you feel safe. Below are some of the steps we have taken to make this ‘new normal’ as positive as we possibly can.

Preparing and managing the Gallery space

  • All staff have undergone training in COVID 19 precautions in relation to working in our store.
  • The staff will be wearing face visors to protect you and these will still allow us to talk to you safely aboutall the amazing work from Irish Designer makers we have in the gallery.
  • Hand sanitisers are available and prompts to Socially Distance throughout the store.
  • As part of our new branding and COVID preparations the whole store has been given a thoroughly deep clean and freshly decorated.
  • Regular ventilation and timed cleaning of frequent touch points will take place each day.

How the Gallery space will work for customers

– We have introduced a clearly marked one way system to make navigating the gallery as safely as possible.
– We have divided the gallery into three distinct areas with maximum numbers allowed in each:
Area A – Front of store, Garrett’s jewellery display, Featured Maker area and till (Max 4 people)
Area B – Textile and Artwork Gallery (Maximum 2 people)
Area C – Ceramics, wall art and homeware section (Maximum 2 people)

We understand a visit to us is not’ functional shopping’ and so we have placed 3 ‘Please Pause Here’ areas, one in each zone
if you would like to spend extra time in one area allowing you to step back and let other customers safely pass you by.

Viewing and experiencing the crafts in the gallery.

  • We would ask that were possible you browse with your eyes however as you will have sanitised your hands when you
    came in to the store it is ok to touch the craft instore.
  • If you would like to see jewellery out of the cabinet and try it on please feel free to ask. If a piece of jewellery is tried on
    by a customer it will be removed to the workshop and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner before being placed back out on
    the shelves.
  • If you would like to view some of the artwork on the walls please ask a member of staff to take it down from the wall for
    you to see.
  • If you try on a piece of clothing we will remove it from the shop floor for 24 hours before being placed back on the shelf.

Making a purchase

  • One customer at a time will be allowed in the till area.
  • We have installed a protective screen at the till to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.
  • Card payments are preferable and if the payment is not contactless the keypad of the card machine will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes after every customer use.
  • Care will be taken when wrapping your purchase and staff will sanitise their hands before dealing with each customer transaction.

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